Tentang Fauzi Ananta

As I was lying on the sidewalk in the early morning freeze, looking up at a decaying building complex in the middle of town, a number of questions raced through my mind; What do I want to become? Would I become a photographer like I used to? Would I working in advertising agency?

I didn’t have an answer to all of my questions at the moment, but I reached a conclusion that may work to all of you out there: Prepared to face whatever obstacle would come next because, ultimately, you don’t choose your passion; it chooses you.

It’s August 2016 when I realize I didn’t want to spend the rest of my career as a photographer; a job that had gave me a lot of chance to explore the world.

The next month I found myself working as a social media admin. It struck me because while I worked here, I found one thing that seemed to resonate most strongly: A person can have a great idea, but if that person cannot inspire others to buy into that idea, it doesn’t matter.

At that time I was hungry to learn more about selling those great idea. I realized the exponential potential of improvements while I was working in this new field. It’s January 2017 and I realized to help me learn, I need to share what I’ve learn through this website.

And with this website, I always believe the value of sharing what I’ve learn as a gratitude of knowledge that God gave me. As I share everything, I found again and again that I still have many things to learn. As Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

Happy learning!

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